Top CBSE-Affiliated Schools in Kalyanpur: Rasphil Academy

Top CBSE-Affiliated Schools in Kalyanpur: Rasphil Academy shines as a paragon of educational excellence in the CBSE schooling system. With a rich heritage of nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders, Rasphil Academy has earned its reputation as the best CBSE school in the region.

Our Mission is to foster a dynamic learning community where every student is empowered to thrive academically, socially, and personally, equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in a rapidly evolving world.”

Mission is to provide a nurturing environment where students excel academically, develop essential skills, and emerge as compassionate leaders ready to positively impact society.”

Top CBSE-Affiliated Schools in Kalyanpur

Achievement, effort and ethics should be treated as three amalgamated entities to assess the development of a healthy society. Achievements without effort founded on unethical practices, are the sand castles that are bound to fall causing damage to the achiever as well as to society. The founder of Rasphil Academy has full trust in the positive outcome of persistent efforts, believing that anyone can attain meaningful success by tenacity, perseverance and ceaseless endeavour. The motto of our college, ‘Acme through Endeavour’, inscribed over our emblem is a true representative of the philosophy of the founder. Rasphil Academy is the best school in Lucknow.

Academic Prowess: CBSE-affiliated schools near me

Rasphil Academy prides itself on its rigorous academic curriculum that adheres to CBSE standards while embracing innovation and progressive teaching methodologies. The school’s academic framework is designed to not only impart knowledge but also instill critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a thirst for lifelong learning. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to providing personalized attention to each student, ensuring academic success and intellectual growth.

Holistic Development: CBSE-affiliated schools

At Rasphil Academy, education extends beyond textbooks. We believe in nurturing the overall development of our students. The school offers a plethora of extracurricular activities including sports, arts, music, dance, drama, and more. These activities are integral to our holistic approach, fostering creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills among our students. We encourage them to explore their passions and talents, thereby ensuring well-rounded personality development.

State-of-the-art Facilities: CBSE schools lucknow

Our campus boasts of modern infrastructure and facilities that support both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Spacious classrooms equipped with advanced technology facilitate interactive learning experiences. Well-equipped science and computer laboratories provide students with hands-on learning opportunities. The school library houses a vast collection of books, catering to diverse interests and encouraging a love for reading. Additionally, our sports facilities enable students to excel in various athletic disciplines, promoting physical fitness and healthy competition.

Qualified and Supportive Faculty: Best CBSE School in Kalyanpur: Rasphil Academy

The cornerstone of Rasphil Academy’s success lies in its highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. Our teachers are not just educators but mentors who inspire and guide students towards achieving their full potential. With their expertise and commitment, they create a nurturing learning environment where every student feels valued and encouraged to excel.

Values and Community

At Rasphil Academy, we uphold strong ethical values and a culture of inclusivity. We promote integrity, respect, and empathy among our students, preparing them to become responsible global citizens. Our school community is characterized by diversity, unity, and mutual respect, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students, parents, and faculty alike.


Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Rasphil Academy offers not just education but an enriching experience that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world while nurturing their individual talents and aspirations. Join us at Rasphil Academy, where academic excellence meets holistic development, and every child’s potential is cherished and nurtured.

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Rasphil Academy was founded by Mr. Rashid Siddiqui in the year 1994. The name of the Academy, which begins with the initials of his name, is indicative of the philosophy of the Academy, hence the name is ‘Rasphil Academy’.

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